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Sun damage and diseases, such as Rosacea, can cause excessive redness of the facial skin, usually in the cheekbones and nose area. Damaged skin and genetics can cause "spider veins" similar to those found in the legs. Facial telangectasias are usually smaller than leg veins and are most effectively treated with light based devices (IPL Photofacials) that target the hemoglobin in the blood. Absorption of the light energy by the hemoglobin destroys the blood vessel which is then quickly absorbed by the body.

Skin Solutions carries an effective skin care line that controls redness, drying, and breakouts associated with Rosacea. These skin care products, in addition to light based therapies (IPL Photofacial), have proven to give the best results

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Medical Director: Michael Traurig, MD,RVT,RVPI

Medical Esthetician: Jennifer Peeler
540 Old Howell Road Greenville, SC 29615 | phone: 864.420.1102|