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Permanent Hair Removal


IPL Hair Removal
air grows in cycles. At any given time, only about one third of your hairs are active and growing. Every 4-8 weeks the cycle shifts and resting follicles start growing hairs while active follicles shed their hair and enter a dormant state. Only during the active growing stage can the hair be permanently removed with a light emitting device (IPL)

Intense pulsed light (IPL) devices emit filtered white light over a much longer duration (think bell curve) that treats a wider range of frequencies. It is more effective, safer, and less painful than traditional lasers. The pulse feels like a small rubber band snap.

All light based hair removal devices (IPL) rely on the absorption of light energy by the hair shaft and follicle. This nearly instant heating cauterizes the small capillary that feeds the follicle, disabling it and permanently preventing the follicle from growing hair.

Because the hair grows in cycles, multiple treatments are necessary. Most people require 5 to 7 treatments spaced by the particular hair cycle length. This waiting time allows inactive hairs to become active and start growing. It is only when hair follicles are active that they can be effectively treated.

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